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Terrys Bedlam Dolls, hand made repurposed dolls

Vicky the Werewolfs bride
Vicky the Werewolfs bride

Vicky the werewolfs bride

Vicky is a Victorian wearwolfs bride. An 18" tall porcelaine doll. OOAK. Creepy & beautiful the undead bride, vintage style crackle glazed face.
wood and metal stand included, 
deep green velvet skirt, lace blouse with button brooch detail. collectable, Unique hauntedly scary. 
Hand made with care
This is a collectable doll, not intended as a toy
She is now ready for a new home. Thanks for taking the time to look. 
A Bedlam doll by Luna Red creations.
Little Red 16" porcelaine doll
Little Red 16" porcelaine doll

This is Little Red (NOW ADOPTED)

Little red is a sweet Zombie Girl. She still carrys her sweetheart bag. She is porcelaine. with white eyes and dried blood. She is wearing a tartan dress.

Her white eyes searching for her next victim, 

She comes complete with a stand, Her label is Bedlam

She is available for adoption,

Price £25 including UK post

Kary, Vampire Baby

Kary is a newborn vampire baby in need of love and a little blood. She is wearing a dress. Has razor sharp teeth, she is 13.5" long. Very realistic.

If you tickle her she giggles and laughs, and has a twinkle in her black eyes. One of our Bedlam dolls

Stunning repurposed character doll.

Kary comes home for just £30 including post

Anna Leas, Day of the Dead Doll

Ready for Mardi Gras, Anna Leas is a 17" vinyl doll repurposed as a day of the dead doll, she has butterflies, flowers, and jewellry, Black lace dress, she comes with painted makeup and diamantes on her for head,

She is £30 including post

Valeria Vampire Baby

"Valeria" is a hand made unique vinyl vampire horror doll. From Lunared Creations, our Bedlam dolls. She is 18" high. Has black vampire eyes that close or open, blond hair, sharp teeth, can you love her?

custom re purposed by us, there is no other.
From lunared creations, a Bedlam doll

£33 post included

Elma Zombie Baby

Elma" is a 16" hand made unique zombie horror baby doll.  custom re purposed by us, there is no other. Soft body, vinyl arms, legs and head. Combat stretch pants and blood stained t shirt, he is ready to eat. Hunting for flesh.
From lunared our Bedlam dolls.